with germs

have a significant impact on health and society. They cause diseases, burden the healthcare system, lead to extreme economic losses and  require innovative measures and solutions. The route of infection is predominantly through contaminated surfaces and subsequent touching of the face. [The rapid spread of infectious germs is largely due to cross-contamination.

Surfaces are contaminated by touching them and
pass on infectious germs - cross-contamination

THE Lotus InfectionShield® enables sterility in various environments.

Surface protection with THE Lotus InfectionShield® ensures permanent sterility and thus represents a constant prevention against infections. Disinfections only work for a very short time - THE Lotus InfectionShield® achieves long-term protection!
A groundbreaking solution for the permanent sterility of surfaces. In contrast to conventional disinfectants, which are only effective in the short term, THE Lotus InfectionShield® offers long-lasting protection of up to 10 days or more. This patented innovation revolutionizes prevention and sets new standards in infection protection.

Versatile application: THE Lotus InfectionShield® can be used on various surfaces such as door handles, work surfaces, touchscreens and other frequently touched areas.

Environmentally friendly: THE Lotus InfectionShield® provides a germ-free environment in a variety of settings.

Easy to use: THE Lotus InfectionShield® can be automatically nebulized or easily applied by hand and offers a convenient and above all cost-effective  way to minimize the risk of infection.

THE Lotus InfectionShield® is an innovative solution that aims to fight infections and reduce the spread of pathogens. Developed with state-of-the-art technology and based on the principles of nature, THE Lotus InfectionShield® offers reliable protection in various environments.

Antimicrobial effect: THE Lotus InfectionShield® creates an antimicrobial layer that prevents the growth of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

Long-lasting effect: Due to the special composition, the protective effect is maintained over a longer period of time, which ensures continuous defense against bacteria and viruses.

Healthcare system
To reduce the risk of infection


Care facilities

Medical practices

Local and long-distance transport
To contain the spread of pathogens

Private jets

Passenger airplanes

Buses & Trains

Public facilities
To contain the spread of pathogens.


Offices, conference rooms

Sanitary facilities

Hotels, restaurants and businesses
to ensure a hygienic environment





Surface protection with THE Lotus InfectionShield®

THE Lotus InfectionShield® destroys viruses (e.g. corona) and bacteria and keeps the treated surfaces permanently germ-free for up to 10 days or more. THE Lotus InfectionShield® surface protection therefore provides constant prevention against infections,
and has a permanent virus-inactivating effect against certain viruses, bacteria and fungi such as hepatitis, influenza, HIV, Staphylococcus Aureus, Pseudomona Aeroginosa, Candida Albicans and many others, and has been proven to last up to a year on surfaces that are not used (e.g. ceilings and walls).

THE Lotus InfectionShield® closes the hygiene gap that previously existed between individual disinfections, as each new touch can trigger a new contamination and thus destroy the sterility. Bacterial odors are also reduced and the cleaning effort is considerably simplified and reduced.

THE Lotus InfectionShield® has been tested many times by renowned institutes, including according to  ASTM E 2180 and the guidelines of the VAH (German Medical Association). It also creates an "easy-to-clean" surface that reduces cleaning time by up to 50%.

With tests by renowned institutes and confirmation of its effectiveness, THE Lotus InfectionShield® offers unique protection for healthcare facilities, hotel rooms, offices, conference rooms, public administration rooms, buses and trains and private households.